Rackspace readies OpenStack for prime time

The big hosting provider that, along with NASA, launched the open-source cloud infrastructure project two years ago, will start beta testing the software, running tens of thousands of computing instances as opposed to the hundreds under test now, said John Engates, Rackspace’s CTO.

Has OpenStack finally won over IBM?

Is IBM joining OpenStack? It sure looks like it, according to one OpenStack contributor page, which lists IBM having joined as of February 2. There has been no announcement, but given IBM’s open source bent, an OpenStack membership makes sense for the computing giant.

EMC delivers on Isilon-Hadoop bundle

As promised, storage kingpin EMC has integrated its Isilon NAS product with Hadoop in a way that will bring Isilon’s OneFS file system to bear on data. EMC isn’t alone. Vendors from Amazon to Oracle are trying to tame this big data beast.

IBM and NEC team up to take on Cisco

IBM has teamed up with NEC to deliver an OpenFlow-based controller-and-switch combo that tries to find the sweet spot in software-defined networking between expensive, proprietary gear from Cisco or Juniper and the brand-new, open-sourced stuff that startups and webscale companies are peddling.

IBM, Microsoft tout fat cloud progress, but proof is thin

To hear IBM and Microsoft tell it, their respective cloud strategies are coming along nicely, thank you very much. But given the hazy definitions of cloud computing and the lack of real numbers, it’s hard to tell if that really is the case.

Today in Cleantech

On Perspectives, the blog written by Amazon’s data center efficiency guru James Hamilton, there’s a post highlighting the Ishikari data center in Japan. The data center does a few innovative things, namely using high voltage direct current (DC) power distribution and ductless cooling. The DC current question has been around for a while (claims are that a DC power distribution can result in 30 percent energy savings though Hamilton points out it’s actually closer to 3-5 percent), but now that solar power is gaining ground, it’s arisen again. Solar panels put out DC power so coupling solar panels with a data center that uses DC current instead of AC current, cuts down on a conversion step and can increase efficiency. IBM is trialing this type of setup in Bangalore, India and we’ll see if it can catch on.

IBM builds memory chips one atom at a time

Computer and memory chips usually tend to get smaller over time, but in a paper published Thursday in Science, IBM details how it’s building memory chips that would be 100 times more dense than today’s hard drives by starting with the smallest building blocks: atoms.

Developers will flock to public cloud in 2012

The cloud is looking pretty good to software developers this year, according to new Zend Technologies’ research. More than half of the 3,335 developers surveyed said they expect to use a public cloud for their work in 2012, with AWS being the top draw.

More cloud computing M&A ahead

The wave of M&A activity swelling the cloud services sector won’t stop with in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) arena. Internap’s $30 million purchase of Voxel, announced early this week, signals a land rush for cloud services, with many smaller, capable cloud providers now in play.

Some big thoughts on big data and cloud for 2012

This year may have been the beginning of the big data onslaught, but big data will only get bigger in 2012. Watch for companies to check out specialized databases for different data types and to segment their data centers for old and new workloads.