AT&T to buy Nextel Mexico, continuing continental expansion

AT&T’s plans to tackle the Mexico market aren’t just limited to buying a single mobile operator Iusacell. It announced Monday it is buying Iusacell’s competitor Nextel Mexico for $1.875 billion from NII Holdings and will merge its operations into its growing pan-American network.

[company]AT&T[/company] closed its $2.5B deal for Iusacell earlier this month, making it the third largest mobile carrier in Mexico. Adding Nextel’s 3 million subscribers will give AT&T about 12.2 million customers in Mexico, but it will remain a distant third place to Mexican giant [company]América Móvil[/company].

Nextel Mexico is one of the many companies to carry the Nextel brand throughout North and South America. The most famous version Nextel Communications was acquired by Sprint a decade ago, and its brand was only recently retired. But several other Nextel’s continued operating in different countries under the [company]NII Holdings[/company] umbrella. NII filed for bankruptcy last year, so the AT&T offer has to go through the bankruptcy court. That means it could trigger a potential auction for Nextel Mexico’s assets.

Like the other Nextels, Nextel Mexico runs iDEN Networks, which were once celebrated for their walkie-talkie-like push-to-talk capabilities but fell out of use during the mobile data revolution. Nextel Mexico, however, has since launched a 3G network based on HSPA technology that lines up with AT&T’s technology. It’s also launched LTE in three major cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

What would AT&T gain from going multinational? Not much

AT&T apparently is revving up the acquisition machine once again, this time targeting Europe mobile carriers. Buying an overseas mobile arm might be a good investment, but it does little operationally for Ma Bell.

Roku boxes coming soon to Canada and the UK

Roku is expanding beyond the U.S. market, with its streaming boxes going on sale in Canada and the U.K. beginning in early 2012. That will add millions of new potential customers for Roku, and could help Netflix gain adoption in those international markets as well.

Apple Store set to open right in RIM’s backyard

Apple is preparing to open five new retail stores internationally on Saturday, including one smack dab in the middle of competitor Research In Motion’s home territory of Waterloo, Ontario. It’s a departure from Apple’s usual pattern in Canada — one that sends a clear message.

Netflix could beat cable TV in Latin America

In the U.S. and Canada, Netflix has positioned itself as a complement to existing pay TV services. But in the wide-open Latin America market, consumers could choose to subscribe to Netflix instead of cable or satellite to supplement over-the-air TV services.

Confirmed: Spotify raises $100M

UPDATED. Spotify, the European on-demand music service, has closed on about $100 million in a new funding round from DST, Kleiner Perkins and Accel Partners that values the company at $1 billion. The fresh funding will be put toward Spotify’s highly anticipated US launch.