Verizon calls on President to veto coming iPhone ban

If a ban set for Aug. 5 takes effect, Apple and partners won’t be able to import iPhone 4’s or iPad 2’s. A lawyer for Verizon — who is not affected by the dispute — says President Obama should use his power and step in.

Apple appeal seeks to broaden the impact of HTC import ban

Apple is looking to sharpen the teeth on a recent import ban it secured from the ITC against HTC smartphones, according to an appeal filing discovered Wednesday. The appeal seems to at least seek to broaden the scope of the ITC’s ruling.

PIPA and SOPA votes shelved. Your move, web.

Updated. Sens. Harry Reid and Lamar Smith will postpone the scheduled votes on PIPA and SOPA. The moves are a big victory for the millions that oppose the bills on the grounds that they are too far-reaching in their attempts to curb piracy.

ITC says Motorola’s Android devices infringe on a Microsoft patent

One day after the International Trade Commission approved a formal ban on certain HTC products that infringe on an Apple patent, an ITC administrative law judge has issued an initial determination that Motorola has infringed on four claims of a Microsoft patent with its Android products.