Mac OS X Lion available on a USB stick in August

Apple isn’t about to miss out on sales of its new Mac OS to those who don’t have a solid Internet connection. The company is going to put Lion on a USB stick and sell it for $69 starting in August.

A Team Member Without Good Internet Access: What to Do?

When you work with a virtual team, good Internet access is crucial. One person with a spotty connection can slow down the whole group. This issue is becoming a growing concern as companies hire employees around the world; Internet access isn’t consistent in every country.

Singletasking Tip: Go Off Grid

For the past four days, as far as my social network, email and IM contacts were concerned, I disappeared completely. No, I didn’t unplug all my devices or sit in the dark with my power cut off, or even have to exert any willpower. I simply took a trip, up beyond the range of my cell phone carrier’s data network, to northern Ontario’s cottage country. The cottage my family visits there is not only beyond cell phone range, it also has no cable, no satellite and no local dial-up service available. What better setting for getting some web work done than at a remote location surrounded by nature and devoid of any Internet access?

Establishing Internet-free Zones

Last Wednesday I woke up to find that my Internet connection wasn’t working. While I have an alternative 3G connection, I get charged by the half-hour so being perpetually connected though it wasn’t an option. Working this way was extremely frustrating at first, and it made me realize how dependent I am on the Internet.

But after the initial adjustment, I found that I was actually more productive when I wasn’t connected to the Internet. This happens every time my connection goes out, which is more often than I’d like. If this is the case, maybe I should consciously disconnect myself from time to time? Especially since many other bloggers have recommended it.

How to Deal With Slow Internet Connections When You Travel

836878_turtles_worldOne of the wonderful benefits of web working is that we can take our work with us when we travel. Unfortunately, the reliable Internet connection we have at home doesn’t usually follow us around,  especially if we’re traveling abroad. As someone who spends several weeks each year moving around a developing country, I’ve had to put up with slow, unstable connections while trying to keep up with my work. Through these experiences, I’ve realized that while slow connections can be a real pain, it’s possible to work around them.
So what can we do to make the most out of slow Internet connections? Read More about How to Deal With Slow Internet Connections When You Travel

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