Enclosing the internet

The argument we’re having today over fast lanes and slow lanes on the internet has echoes of the centuries-long debate over the English Enclosure Movement.

Why I quit writing internet standards

After contributing to standards organizations for more than seven years, engineer Vidya Narayanan decided it was time to move on. Although she still believes that these organizations make the Internet a better place, she wonders about the pace of change versus the pace of organizations.

Did NTIA just drive a stake through SOPA?

One interesting result of the NTIA’s propsal to relinquish U.S. control over the DNS could be to drive a final stake through anti-piracy proposals like SOPA that rely on manipulating DNS queries as an enforcement mechanism.

Here’s how Europe thinks the internet should be run

Global debates about internet governance are set to heat up in the coming years, so the European Union has set out its standpoint, with true globalization and human rights being non-negotiable principles.