The Internet of Things has a new home on Gigaom Research

For years, Gigaom Research has covered the Internet of Things, from smart cities to smart homes to a smart and connected supply chain. During that time, our IoT content has been part of our existing research coverage areas. But over the past 18 months, the IoT has truly come into its own. The smart home and quantified self are on sale at Best Buy. Connected cars are waiting in the showroom, and businesses are saving real money with smart facilities and warehouses. And the latest generation of standards has enabled true platforms to move us from custom one-off development to a more mature, open ecosystem.

The Internet of Things is a central, driving force in the technology economy. It’s every bit as important as your other tech concerns, and just as distinct. The IoT has a lot in common with traditional mobility, relies heavily on cloud connectivity, and can’t add its full value without analytics, but it’s a fundamentally new computing paradigm that deserves its own coverage.

In October, we refocused our Structure Connect conference squarely on the IoT, and today, we’re proud to announce the new launch of the Gigaom Research IoT channel.

In the coming year, we’ll dig even deeper to provide actionable advice on the IoT for application developers, business strategists, IT operations, and hardware manufacturers. While we’ll still provide forward-looking research into the what and when of the IoT, we’ll also help you discover the why and how. Whether you’re attempting to build your own connected device strategy, writing apps for third-party devices, building a developer ecosystem around your product, or just wondering when all of this will matter to your business, we’ll have research you can use – and analysts who are active participants in their fields to answer your questions.