M2M Networks Are Ready to Monitor You (and Make Millions)

Sprint is adding another M2M, or machine to machine, device on its 3G network: the BodyMedia armband will capture workout data and shoot it to the cloud. This new “Internet of Things” approach for devices is expected to generate nearly 300 million data subscriptions by 2015.

Why Internet of Things Will Change Mobile Networks

Not a week goes by when we don’t hear about some new device with built-in mobile connectivity. It seems we’re all heading towards an Internet of things at a rapid speed. Clues to this connected device future comes from data collected by Berg Insight.

Google’s Chrome OS: Dead Before Arrival?

Last week Google showed off its progress on Chrome OS. It introduced an apps store in support of it, and offered up a pre-release hardware trial program as a concession that real machines wouldn’t ship till mid 2011. But it’s likely all for naught. Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s objective of making Chrome OS a “viable third choice” in desktop operating systems looks doomed.

Sprint CEO: Internet of Things & Telco of Tomorrow

In this third part of a three-part interview series, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse talks about the opportunity in machine-to-machine communications, how the wireless carrier will need to evolve as it supports the open Internet model and how the competitive landscape may shift over time.

Verizon Battles AT&T for M2M Supremacy

Verizon’s Wireless subscriber additions fell by 20 percent in the third quarter to 997,000 new adds, the lowest figure in a decade for a total of 93.2 million customers. But while the race for subscribers is interesting, another race is emerging for connected devices.