Rewind: This week’s 11 must read stories

What a week! Web took to activism and pushed back SOPA & PIPA; Kodak filed for bankruptcy & MegaUpload got busted. With the week wrapped up, here are some of the posts from our team that I highly recommend you give a read.

Priorities for Yahoo’s new CEO

Last week Yahoo announced it had hired Scott Thompson, currently the president of eBay’s PayPal business, as its new CEO. Thompson has product and technology cred, which means Yahoo should be fixable. With that in mind, here’s what he should do to get Yahoo growing again in order to retain its position as one of the biggest players in online advertising.

Siri, where did my mobile ad revenues go?

Are Google, Yelp and Facebook scared of Siri? If they aren’t they should be, as should any mobile website, service or app that depends on advertising. Siri is the first user interface that shifts our attention away from our phones’ screens, but it won’t be the last.