Skype says it will kill its Desktop API by end of 2013

It started life as Skype Public API in 2004 and was reborn in 2011, but it is time for Skype Desktop API to sail into the sunset. Yes, Microsoft is killing it and is asking developer to instead embrace Skype URIs.

A Skype in Microsoft’s clothing

Microsoft today announced that it is transitioning over 100 million of Windows Live Messenger users to Skype. It is the latest sign of Microsoft-ization of Skype. The race to integration is having some unintended consequences — including declining quality of voice calls.

Gogii joins the Wi-Fi calling pioneers with new app

Gogii, the maker of popular messaging app TextPlus, is launching a service called TextPlus Free Calls that enables a host of devices, even Wi-Fi-only devices, to make and receive phone calls for free or very cheaply. Free Calls joins a growing number of IP-based communications competitors.

Microsoft earnings: All eyes on Skype

Just how will Microsoft make money off Skype? It’s too early to say since the deal closed just last week, said Microsoft CFO Peter Klein. But he gave some broad-brush hints about plans for the VoIP fan favorite on Microsoft’s first-quarter earnings call Thursday night.

Updated: Ribbit croaks, just three years after $105m BT deal

The decision by British Telecom to buy internet telephony service Ribbit for $105m in 2008 drew out plenty of questions. Three years later the criticisms have come full circle, with news that the most visible part of the business is being shut down.

Why the Skype-Facebook deal is awesome for Facebook

Skype, the Internet telephony company that is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft (s MSFT) has one ambition — get to a billion users – even if it risks the company losing control over its customers. And that just is fine for Facebook.

Skype CEO, not investors, made the key cuts

Skype CEO Tony Bates — and not the company’s private equity investors — were behind company’s decision to part ways with many of their senior mangers, a company spokesperson told GigaOM. Skype Journal reported earlier that a whole gaggle of senior-level executives had been cut from the company.

Nimbuzz says it has 50 million users

Nimbuzz, a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based Internet telephony company says it has signed up 50 million registered users across the globe. That’s minuscule when compared to Skype, but it’s still significant milestone for the upstart company which signs up 100,000 new users a day.

Microsoft Makes $8.5 Billion Skype Buy Official

Microsoft confirmed that it has agreed to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion and plans to integrate the Internet communications service into a wide array of products from Kinect and Windows Phone 7 to Lync, Outlook and Xbox Live.