Hot Jobs: The (Green) Data Center Exec Shuffle of ’09

An interesting staffing phenomenon is affecting tech industry lately. As my colleague Derrick recently pointed out, we’re in the midst of a data center executive shuffle and it hasn’t escaped the industry’s attention. Debra Chrapaty and a handful of other execs have shifted ranks at Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, eBay and Cisco. But what do they all have in common? They made green IT a cornerstone in how they approach data center planning and management.

Data Center Management: Lessons for the Grid

Utilities are raking in stimulus funds and smart meter manufacturers are working feverishly to imbue the grid with the smarts to redistribute the electrical load down to the household level when consumption rates spike. Envision automatically time shifting that EV charging or dish washing cycle to cheaper overnight hours and you’ve got the idea. It may sound complicated, but efforts to minimize data centers’ carbon footprints offer many lessons — and incentives — for just this sort of smart grid innovation.