Jony Ive: Apple doesn’t like ‘godless’ products

Ahead of receiving his knighthood from the Queen, Apple’s British design chief Jonathan Ive has given a rare interview to the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, outlining some of his thoughts and feelings on how the company’s products achieve a “sense of care.”

Interview: 5 Questions for Future CEO Mark Wood

The chief of one of the publishers with most magazines on iPad wants to make more of them interactive and start licensing his production tools to rivals, after selling half a million Newsstand titles in six months.

GigaOM Interview: Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop

GigaOM recently had the chance to sit down with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Here’s what Elop had to say about the company’s phone strategy, the decision to partner with Microsoft instead of Google, how U.S. carrier negotiations are proceeding and what tablet plans Nokia may have.

Wozniak originally skeptical of Jobs’ ability to turn Apple around

Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne spoke to Emily Chang in a combined video interview on Bloomberg TV late Thursday, and the result provides some insight into how Apple got started, Wozniak’s thoughts on the turnaround, and where the company might be headed next.

How to nail your video interview

Working remotely sometimes means getting hired remotely – which often means nailing a video interview. Whether it’s over Skype or some other tech, communicating qualifications and reading the interviewer’s body language through the barrier of a lens can be a challenge. So how can you ensure success?

Landing Your Dream Job in a Networked World

We no longer live in a world where you’re likely to land a dream job with just a snazzy resume; employers now want hard evidence that you know your stuff and can deliver great results. Here are some tips to help you land that dream job.

Developer Roundtable: The Mac App Store

I had a chance this week to talk with a few developers about the Mac App Store and what the launch yesterday means for their business. The general feeling is one of optimism, and even excitement, at the opportunities that the store presents.