AT&T adds two internet of things innovation centers

AT&T is opening up two more Foundry locations, with the new offices dedicated to the internet of things. The move shows the carrier’s commitment to bringing in new products and services to this space.

It’s alive! AT&T’s networks become self-aware

AT&T is using Intucell’s self-optimizing network technology to turn its mobile broadband networks from what are now static collections of cells into the networking equivalent of organisms. The days of cells meekly passing subscribers back and forth to one another are over.

Soon cell towers will start following you

Intucell is working with an unnamed North American operator to build a new kind of self-aware cellular network. Its self-optimizing network technology will transform today’s static cellular grid into a network of constantly expanding and shrinking cells that follow customers through the network.

Mobile networks are learning how to be webscale

NSN today laid out a new architecture for mobile networks that brings concepts such automation and elasticity from webscale and cloud computing to mobile broadband as network engineers at carriers face the challenge of scaling their infrastructure to serve billions of endpoints.