Startup ZenPayroll nets big seed funding to take on ADP

Company says payroll for small and medium companies is an area ripe for innovation. Current leaders ADP and Paychex are too pricey and many companies have yet to automate the process at all, says ZenPayroll CEO Joshua Reeves.

Intuit targets Square by connecting GoPayment to QuickBooks POS

Intuit is taking a key step in its competition with Square and other payment rivals by integrating QuickBooks Point of Sale product with its GoPayment mobile payment product. That means that customers will have an easy way to combine a traditional POS experience with mobile payments.

How Intuit uses big data to ‘delight’ you

If you’ve ever wondered what big data means at an individual level, this realization about sums it up: “I could either keep dying my hair or retire a year earlier.” It’s those types of realizations Intuit hopes its heavy big data use will help uncover.

Intuit buys software Demandforce for $423.5 million

Intuit is plunking down $423.5 million for software firm Demandforce, in a bid to build out its services for small and medium-sized businesses. The deal provides Intuit with an automated marketing and customer communications offering that complements its existing business and accounting software.

IT swamped? No worries, DIY employees tell pollsters

A new survey from Intuit QuickBase shows an increasing number of tech-savvy employees are building their own solutions without going through official IT channels – some even despite official IT opposition. Is this good news or bad for IT? For workers?

Intuit leverages its strengths for mobile payment push

Intuit is pushing harder into the mobile payments market by building off its existing business ties. It just struck a deal to make it easy for AT&T small business customers to get started on GoPayment, and it’s trying to leverage its QuickBooks customers to compete in mobile payments.

Mobile payments won’t sell itself, it requires added value

It’s still too early to say when they Year of Mobile payments will happen. But the important lesson is that mobile payments can’t rely on payments alone to sell itself; it will take a lot of new valuable services to convince consumers and merchants.