Europe probes Apple’s e-book deal with publishers

European antitrust regulators have announced the launch of a formal investigation into the relationship between Apple and five of the world’s largest publishers, in a move that could reshape the digital book market.

Google, this is why you’re under investigation

Those who questioned whether European regulators were right to open an antitrust investigation into Google’s activities last year should take a look at the data again, as the company’s dominance across the continent reaches new heights — and new depths, too.

Is the FTC going after Twitter for bulldozing its ecosystem?

According to a news report on Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission is looking into Twitter’s business practices. Although that doesn’t mean Twitter is under official investigation, it means the company’s behavior must have raised enough critical flags to catch the regulator’s attention, which is rarely good.

Duedil powers ahead with extra data for journalists

London search startup Duedil already provides a one-stop shop for business information and intelligence — a service it says can make a real difference to companies and consumers. Now it’s going further, by offering investigative journalists the chance to access sensitive data more easily.

The Feds Getting Curious About Apple

Apple may be the media and public’s favorite son, but to the FBI and FTC, Apple is looking more like a red-headed stepchild. The FBI and FTC are collectively looking into at least three anti-trust suits against it.

Apple, AT&T to Explain Their Behavior… Google May Be Next

attlogoApple (s aapl) and AT&T (s att) are today expected to go to the Headmaster’s Study (in this case, the Federal Communications Commission) and, eyes down, shuffling feet and mumbling awkwardly, explain their recent behaviour regarding the much-publicized rejection of Google’s (s goog) Voice app in the iTunes store.

If, perhaps, you’ve not yet heard about Google Voicegate, here’s a breakdown: Read More about Apple, AT&T to Explain Their Behavior… Google May Be Next

Eric Schmidt Not Paid By Apple, Just Took Some Souvenirs


Former Apple (s aapl) Board of Directors member and current Google (s goog) CEO Eric Schmidt wasn’t paid for his time at Cupertino. This despite Apple’s habitual practice of offering stock options and a $50,000 retainer to Board members, both of which Schmidt declined during his tenure.

Instead, like other board members, Schmidt settled for some awesome Apple gear in exchange for his contribution to the board. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and BusinessWeek, the Google CEO accepted $8,712 worth of goods, though no specific breakdown of what sort of hardware that number actually represents has been reported. Read More about Eric Schmidt Not Paid By Apple, Just Took Some Souvenirs