IO taps McLaren to speed up its modular data centers

Formula 1 cars make big tweaks to get little performance improvements, and with McLaren’s help, IO wants to do similar things to improve energy efficiency and performance inside its modular data centers.

IO raises $90M to rethink the corporate data center

IO Data Centers has raised $90 million for its suite of offerings that rethink the way data centers are built and managed. Its IO.Anywhere units are fully contained data centers in a small package, and its OS software can manage a data center from a smartphone.

How IO is building modular data centers for the rest of us

While webscale data center operators such as eBay are deploying custom-built data center containers designed for maximum performance and efficiency, IO Data Centers is pushing modular data centers for the rest of us. Its IO.Anywhere modules aren’t designed for HPC, but do promise flexibility.

Fighting cancer at 100 Gigabits per second

We often ascribe life-changing powers to high-speed Internet connections in our personal lives, but can they cure cancer? The Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health thinks so, and it’s investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a nationally distributed computing system to make it happen.