Report: Docker and the Linux container ecosystem

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Docker and the Linux container ecosystem by Janakiram MSV:
Linux container technology is experiencing tremendous momentum in 2014. The ability to create multiple lightweight, self-contained execution environments on the same Linux host simplifies application deployment and management. By improving collaboration between developers and system administrators, container technology encourages a DevOps culture of continuous deployment and hyperscale, which is essential to meet current user demands for mobility, application availability, and performance.
Many developers interchange the terms “container” and “Docker,” sometimes making it difficult to distinguish between the two, but there is a very important distinction. Docker, Inc. is a key contributor to the container ecosystem in the development of orchestration tools and APIs. While container technology has existed for decades, the company’s open-source platform, Docker, makes that technology more accessible by creating simpler and more powerful tools. Using Docker, developers and system administrators can efficiently manage the lifecycle of tens of thousands of containers.
This report provides a detailed overview of the Linux container ecosystem. It explains the various components of container technology and analyzes the ecosystem contributions from companies to accelerate the adoption of Linux-based containers.
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Data center specialist IO splits into two companies

IO, the Phoenix-based company best known for selling modular data centers roughly the size of a shipping container, is splitting into two companies. The one focused on leasing data center space — which was IO’s original business — will retain the IO name, while the modular data center business will be called Baselayer. The move could help provide some clarity in both vision and messaging, and should provide some more runway as the company works toward a successful exit. It filed for an IPO in September 2013 but never followed through, citing less-than-ideal conditions for tech IPOs.

UK government denies receiving .io domain profits

Contrary to the explanation of the man who the U.K. government granted rights to sell .io domain addresses, back in the 90s, the government now says it doesn’t get anything from those sales, and therefore has no plans to share profits with the people it expelled from the Chagos Islands.

IO launches an OpenStack cloud running on open source servers

IO, which is known for its modular data center designs and specialized data center management software, is getting into the cloud provider space with a new service called IO.Cloud. It’s very open at the foundational level, at least, running OpenStack software on Open Compute hardware.

Modular data center specialist IO files for IPO

Modular data center manufacturer IO has filed a confidential S-1 form and plans to go public in the near future. The company has made a name for itself selling fully contained data centers that take up only 462 square feet of floor space.

Forget networking, the data center of the future is software defined too

Software defined networking made a big splash last week at the Interop show in Las Vegas with a variety of vendors pitching their vision of how abstracting out networking from the physical hardware will change the overall way IT services are implemented. But the most disruptive element of the entire software defined networking trend is that it enables the next era of IT, the software defined data center, a concept Steve Herrod the CTO of VMware introduced at the show.