Amazon’s Werner Vogels on the Stonebraker/NewSQL debate

The furor over Michael Stonebraker’s criticism of Facebook’s scaling of its MySQL database we covered last Thursday has continued to generate comments on the post itself and on Twitter. Friday, Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels weighed in with a tweet that seemed to accuse Stonebraker of hubris.

Storm courts I/O lovers with 96GB, 32-core cloud server

There are big cloud server instances, and then there are big cloud server instances. Storm On Demand’s new 96GB, 32-core instance is of the latter variety. In fact, it’s the biggest you’re likely to find anywhere, and it’s designed with maximum I/O performance in mind.

Apple starts selling a Thunderbolt cable, RAID systems to use it with

Apple quietly introduced its first Thunderbolt peripheral gear to the online store early Tuesday, and it’s a $49 Thunderbolt cable that connects Macs using the new high-speed, low-latency I/O standard either to third-party drives and accessories, or to other Thunderbolt-equipped Macs.

Is this summer the real debutante ball for Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt has arrived, but it’s been on the market now since February, and we’ve yet to see it really do much in the way of changing how we use our Macs. Signs indicate that this summer could be the time we do see that happen.