iPad and iPhone 4: Benchmarking the iOS 4.3 Update

Most people’s attention might be on the iPad 2 launching tomorrow, but iOS 4.3 brought some impressive improvements to existing hardware, too. I ran the original iPad and the iPhone 4 through a series of tests to see how performance is affected by the update.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple today released iOS 4.3, a couple days before its expected release date of Mar. 11. The update includes many new features. like Personal Hotspot for iPhone, Home Sharing, iPad hardware switch function customization, improved AirPlay and better Safari performance.

You’ll Get Your iPhone Personal Hotspot March 11, AT&T Users

AT&T customers don’t have to worry about being left out of the Personal Hotspot party when iOS 4.3 arrives. AT&T confirmed with Electronista that it would be offering Personal Hotspot beginning Mar. 11, which is when iOS 4.3 goes live for the general public.

AirPlay Is Coming to Apps, Except the Ones You Use

Apple’s iPad can now stream video directly from an app to the Apple TV, thanks to an update to the AirPlay feature in iOS 4.3. However, most of the apps that people use to watch video on the iPad probably won’t support AirPlay anytime soon.

iOS 4.3 Available March 11, Brings New Features

At the Apple event today, we heard details about the latest installment of iOS, version 4.3. The developer beta has been available for a while now, but the public release has now been announced, and Apple revealed acouple tricks that even the beta hadn’t yet introduced.

More iOS 4.3 News: “Find My Friends,” New Device References

Yesterday, we learned that iOS 4.3 will have new features including more multi-touch gestures, the ability to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and third-party support for AirPlay streaming. Today, more features continue to be revealed, and at least one previously removed option has been added back.

Will iPhone’s Personal Hotspot Make the 3G iPad Irrelevant?

Verizon announced the iPhone’s ability to act as a personal hotspot Jan. 11, but yesterday’s release of the iOS 4.3 beta confirmed that the feature will eventually make its way out to all iPhones, carriers willing. Where does that leave the 3G iPad?

iOS 4.3: Better AirPlay, Hotspot Settings, iPad Gestures

Apple finally allows third-party apps to broadcast video to Apple TV 2 in the new iOS 4.3 beta released today. Also new in the beta is support for a variety of multi-touch gestures for the iPad, and settings for creating a Personal Hotspot.