6 months with the iPhone 5: expectations vs reality

I’ve owned every iPhone model to date. Here’s my experience going from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5, including what I’ve liked, what has not met my expectations and what I’d like to see in a new version.

Mobile designers no longer see Apple on the forefront of iOS design

As the iOS App Store nears the half-decade mark, one of the biggest changes we’re witnessing is how app developers are beginning to go their own way in terms of design. Some of the most forward-thinking designers are bucking Apple’s traditional look for cleaner, simpler interfaces.

How Google Maps may have actually helped Apple

Across the 12,000 apps and 12 ad networks it tracks, MoPub saw impressions from devices using iOS 6 rise 29 percent between last Tuesday and Saturday. MoPub believes that change came from people finally upgrading to iOS 6, after holding out for Google Maps.

Apple issues iOS 6 update to fix Wi-Fi bug

When releasing the software update, Apple didn’t specify the nature of the bug. But a look at the company’s online support forums show a variety of complaints of problems related to accessing some local networks.

New Google Maps quickly becomes top free iPhone app

Exactly how many iPhone users downloaded the app isn’t clear — neither Google nor Apple has released any such statistics just yet. But zooming to the top of the free charts, bypassing mega-hits like YouTube, Angry Birds Star Wars and Snapchat, indicate a large volume of downloads.

Apple’s Maps mess and BMW give boost to transit app Embark

Thanks to Apple not including transit directions in its Maps app, third-party apps like Embark have seen a sudden influx of users. Along with those users has come more opportunities for SF-based Embark: a new investment from BMW and the chance to expand even wider.