iZettle launches across Nordics — next stop U.K.

Despite being known as Europe’s answer to Square, the payments service iZettle has only officially been available in Sweden since launching last year. Now that’s changing, with news of a rollout across Norway, Denmark and Finland, and the first step toward a British service too.

The top gadgets at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Macworld | iWorld had some fantastic products. Ignoring anything that wasn’t actually shipping, since so many products never actually make it to market , here are my top picks from the show. They include most iDevice companions, but also one product any Mac user wil love.

New Year’s resolution checklist: Daily backups

A new year is a perfect time to talk about ways to protect your data. You should be backing up and you know it, and if you are already backing up, it’s time to test your strategy and include things you may be forgetting.

Two Belkin add-ons for iOS cameras, but only one is hot

Apple’s iPhone is no doubt a heavy contributor to the death of point-and-shoots at the hands of smartphones, but it still lacks some niceties of dedicated cameras. New accessories from Belkin, collected under the LiveAction brand, aim to narrow the gap even further.

Apple delivers much-needed clarity regarding iTunes Match

Apple’s iTunes Match is a great, but potentially hard-to-grasp service, and many people have questions. That’s why it’s welcome that Apple introduced an instructional page detailing exactly what iTunes Match provides and how it works over the holiday weekend.

12 great gift ideas for any Apple fan for under $100

Time may not be your biggest challenge even as holiday shopping draws to a close. Apple gadget-lovers can be hard to shop for, since they tend to satisfy their own needs when it comes to accessories. Still, there’s something for everyone among the following twelve suggestions.

Hold the phone: Skype WiFi free at 50 airports this holiday

Travelers are getting a welcome gift from Skype in the form of free Wi-Fi access at more than 50 U.S. airports to place voice or video calls over Skype’s service on PCs, Macs, or iOS devices. The year-end promotion runs from Dec. 21 through Dec. 27.