Games for the weekend: Duck Life

A quirky little racing game where you have no control over your duck during the actual race, you instead train your duck to be the best little athlete it can be before each race begins.

Games for the weekend: Skulls of the Shogun

Finding out that the afterlife was not what he expected was more than General Akamoto could handle. Fighting for his death in a tactical, turn-based war was not what he had in mind.

Games for the weekend: DEVICE 6

When a puzzle is not just a puzzle, and a story is not just a story, then whatever it is just might be an app created by that crazy adventure that is Simogo.

Games for the weekend: Tiny Thief

The real challenge for any size thief is finding all of the hidden treasure that is out there for the taking. This weekend’s Tiny Thief will have you searching high and low.

Games for the weekend: Icycle: On Thin Ice

For a game that looks as cold as it may be outside this chilly December weekend, Icycle certainly proves that there is more then one way to keep from freezing when the ice approaches.

Games for the weekend: EPOCH.2

Get your swiping finger in shape this weekend because this weeks game is all about action. EPOCH.2 is a first rate action shooter that you will not want to miss.

Games for the weekend: Blocky Roads

Just when you thought there were enough games inspired by the game that is Minecraft, along comes a refreshing take on the genre. A new physics based racer titled Blocky Roads.

Games for the weekend: Construction Simulator 2014

Put on your hard hat and roll up your sleeves, its time to get to work this weekend. Take over a family construction business and in the process learn how to operate some heavy machinery.