Wow: SoundHound powering 4M voice searches a day

Buzz around voice recognition technology is louder than ever, thanks to the debut earlier this month Apple’s iPhone 4S with Siri. But Apple isn’t alone in the space. Voice recognition startup SoundHound says it has seen impressive user growth over the past year.

iOS 5 has turbocharged our growth: Twitter CEO

Twitter has only just begun to see the effects of its integration with Apple’s iOS 5 operating system. But just days after iOS 5’s debut last week, Twitter’s CEO says it has already started to see a big lift from the partnership.

Apple gets into the location-sharing game

Apple is not done taking on application makers with iOS 5. It just announced it is launching a new location-sharing feature called Find my Friends, that will allow users to easily share their location with other users. It should spark some competition with existing location-sharing services.

How Twitter is preparing for its big iOS debut

It’s shaping up to be a busy autumn for Twitter. The service will be integrated into the next version of Apple’s iOS operating system, which is set to roll out in October. So is Twitter in complete panic mode preparing for the coming onslaught of traffic?

Apple gets with the wireless revolution

Appleā€™s latest transformation is complete. By delivering its first firmware over-the-air (FOTA) iOS 5 beta update in July, Apple freed its wireless consumers from being tethered to a PC or Mac to receive firmware updates. And it’s helped made wireless updates mainstream.

Apple gives Twitter a big boost with iOS integration

Apple, which at one time was hot and heavy with Facebook, is embracing Twitter and has integrated the San Francisco-based Twitter’s service into its iOS 5 mobile operating system. It has also built Twitter into some of its key applications such as Camera.