U.S. Cellular launching LTE in March with 2 Samsung gadgets

Next month, consumers in smaller towns and cities across the U.S. will have access to their first LTE network as U.S. Cellular ramps ups its commercial 4G service. The regional CDMA operator will start selling a tablet in March and a Galaxy smartphone in April.

iPhone apps for presidential primary and caucus season

With a competitive primary and caucus season upon us for the 2012 Republican Presidential race (the Democratic race is uncontested with President Obama running for re-election), your iPhone could be a handy guide in helping you decide whom to vote for.

Today in Cleantech

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once said, “we have a four week election, and you [the U.S.] have an election that’s, well, four years.” So with elections over a year away, the lobbying for political support for cleantech began on the national stage last weekend where Republican presidential candidates in Iowa strolled up to a wind turbine blade and signed it (wind power accounts for almost 20 percent of power in Iowa). But there are reasons for concern. The Breakthrough Institute’s Jesse Jenkins has gone as far as previewing a “coming clean tech crash.” Clean tech is an industry largely reliant on subsidies to make its products price competitive and it will see 70 percent of those subsidies expire in the next three years. Energy policy and incentives matter to green IT because, in the end, you can get a data center as energy efficient as possible, but getting electricity from a renewable source will always be the other side of that equation.

Triple Word Score: Recycle Carbon From Ethanol Plant, Grow Algae

gprelogoAnother technology venture looking to capture carbon dioxide and use it to grow algae has thrown itself into the ring. BioProcessAlgae, a joint venture among filtration giant Clarcor (s CLC), wastewater treatment startup BioProcessH2O, ethanol producer Green Plains Renewable Energy (s GPRE), and renewable energy developer NTR, has been awarded a $2.1 million grant from the state of Iowa to build what the venture claims would be one of the first photobioreactor systems attached to an industrial plant in the United States. The pilot project, which is supposed to be installed by the fall of this year, would capture CO2 from a Green Plains corn ethanol plant in Shenadoah, Iowa, and use it to grow algae.

Kevin Lynch, chief executive of BioProcessAlgae, said in a statement that the venture’s technology had “made significant progress in the engineering, design and development of photobioreactor systems for algae production.” A BioProcessAlgae employee involved in engineering, whom we reached by phone and asked not to be named, said that the venture had found a way to produce a higher yield of algae with an economical harvesting technique, but wouldn’t describe that process further. The venture did not say how much oil the pilot plant would produce, but Lynch said in the statement that if successful it would expand to full commercial scale.
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