Rumor Has It: iPad 2 Will Have USB

While many were busy filling faces with turkey, and filling malls to the brim on Friday, some new, interesting rumors about the iPad 2 came to light. The rumors included some obvious claims, but one seems out of left field: a built-in USB port.

Rumor Has It: iPad 2 Suppliers Chosen, New Case Possible

Rumor has it that suppliers, model specifics, and new materials have already been chosen for the iPad 2. A new patent has also come to light that introduces some interesting possibilities about what materials might be used in future iPad casing designs.

iPad 2 Ads Already Shot?

Rumor has it that Apple has already filmed ads for the next iPad. British photographer David Sims was chosen to create the ads late last month at New York’s Pier 59. Current generation iPads were reportedly used during filming, to be digitally replaced in post production.