IPad 3 production reportedly under way for March launch

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the iPad 2’s introduction, rumors are heating up around its successor. The iPad 3 is reportedly now in production in preparation for an early March launch, when it will ship with new Sharp displays and a relatively unchanged body.

iPad 3 reportedly getting better cameras, slightly larger body

According to a new report Thursday, Apple’s iPad 3 is in for improved optics all around, including both cameras and its screen, as well as a minor increase in thickness. According to the report, the iPad 2 will also remain on sale alongside the iPad 3.

Apple sued over third-party reseller inventory practices

Apple has an immensely successful self-run retail arm, but it wasn’t always that way. Once, it depended heavily on the kindess of strangers, and some of those same strangers (namely third-party resellers) are now bristling at what they see as unfair business practices.

4 reasons Apple should make a 7-inch iPad

News of a rumored smaller iPad made the rounds on Friday as Asian supply channels indicate a 7.85-inch model will arrive in late 2012. With iPhone sales rising, there’s less of a need for the iPod touch line, paving the way for less expensive Apple tablets.

Apple scores three of top ten spots in Google Zeitgeist 2011

Apple-related things were on a lot of people’s minds in 2011, according to Google’s Zeitgeist 2011search term year-in-review. Three Apple-themed queries appear in the list of the top ten fastest-rising searches worldwide, including one shipping product, one phantom product, and the man who started it all.

Refurbished iPad 2s get a price drop

On Friday Apple quietly increased the discounts on refurbished iPad 2s, offering some considerable savings just in time for the holidays. The 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 now starts at $419, which is $80 cheaper than buying it new.

The new litmus test for apps: How well does it AirPlay?

Few things impress people about the Apple TV in demonstration more than AirPlay mirroring, which is available on both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. And that’s exactly why developers should focus on delivering unique and creative AirPlay solutions to help their apps stand out.

Apple changes up iPad 2 Smart Covers

The quieter-than-usual update to the MacBook Pro line wasn’t the only change on the Apple Store today. Updates were also made to the iPad Smart Cover product section. The Smart Cover is Apple’s magnetic flap/stand accessory that protects the iPad 2’s display.