Why I just dumped the iPad 3 (Hint: iPad mini!)

With only a few days of iPad mini use, I know it’s the right iPad for me. Sure, it lacks a Retina display, but the screen has a higher pixel density than the first few iPads. After two years of pining, this was worth the wait.

This is what the reviews say about iPad Mini

The Wi-Fi version of Apple’s iPad Mini goes on sale on Friday. It is already sold out and the reviews, which hit the web tonight, seem to like the iPad Mini. However, most remain wistful for the more modern Retina display on the larger iPad.

New U.S. iPad activations move inland

Like last month, California and Hawaii lead in new iPad activations, accounting for nearly 18 and 16 percent, respectively. But Nebraska is a surprise No. 3. A big part of that isn’t due to your regular gadget consumers, but one of the state’s public education initiatives.

How to use fancy gestures on the iPad (and why you should)

Apple added 4- and 5-finger gestures last October, but the features don’t seem commonly used. After two weeks with my new iPad, however, I’m suddenly taking advantage of these gestures and they make the iPad experience even better. Here’s a quick list of these useful gestures.

First week with the new iPad: It’s hard to put down

Like a few million others, I took delivery of a new iPad from Apple last weekend. Mine arrived late on Friday afternoon, and after a week of use, I’m turning more to the new iPad over other tablets. Here’s why and some minor wishes or gripes.

UBS: Half of new iPads sold will tap into 4G

UBS believes the new iPad will be the catalyst that drives consumers to connect their tablets to mobile broadband networks. UBS predicted there would be a near 50/50 split between Wi-Fi-only and 4G iPads sold, driven by the demand for fast LTE connectivity in the U.S.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 263: New iPad impressions

Matt and Kevin share first impressions of the new iPad on this week’s audio podcast. Also covered in the show: a Honeycomb upgrade for the HTC Flyer, getting a Verizon iPad to work on AT&T and hands on with the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

IPad vs. iPad: Which 4G tablet should you choose?

AT&T has cheaper plans, but Verizon has far better LTE coverage. As for speed, they match each other megabit per megabit — unless you happen to live in Chicago, Los Angeles or any city where AT&T’s networks are undersized.

No 4G chip magic in the iPad, just a big battery

We already knew from Apple’s iPad product page that the new tablet has a much higher battery capacity over the prior iPad. But is there a special or new 4G LTE chip to help? Based on iFixit’s teardown, it’s a battery-only solution; no advanced LTE chip.