Tapped out: A few reasons why Apple iPad sales have slowed

Typically a product that shows nothing but yearly growth, Apple’s iPad slipped in sales this past quarter, marking otherwise excellent results. Was the drop due to inventory management as Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Video review: Targus Versavu keyboard case for iPad Air

After buying the Zagg Folio keyboard for my iPad Air, Targus sent me a review unit of its Versavu — pronounced “versa-view”– keyboard case. I’m not a fan of the Shift key and the keyboard isn’t backlit, but one unique feature is appealing. Take a look.

Video look at the excellent Zagg Folio for iPad Air

How does the thinner, lighter iPad Air lend itself to a keyboard accessory? Pretty good if you have the right keyboard. I bought a Zagg Folio case and really like the typing experience, not to mention the backlit keys with various color choices.

Watch: iPad Air torture test

The iPad Air is down and out after a simple drop on a mound of dirt, but then it gets cracked on concrete, dunked in water, and shot with an Airsoft gun.