Are you there, Apple? It’s me, Kevin. Let’s talk small iPads!

We know that Apple started seeing some validation of the 7-inch tablet market some 18 months ago. Those reasons still apply, but there are even more to consider today. Here’s another look at a handful of observations on why Apple should enter this market.

Apple exec: We should do a 7-inch tablet

Apple executive Scott Forstall was asked to read an email in court Friday sent to him, CEO Tim Cook and others by fellow Apple executive Eddy Cue in January 2011 in which Cue said he believed there was a market for a 7-inch iPad.

A late-summer iOS 6, iPhone launch would boost Q4 earnings

Timing the launch of a new iPhone and a new, smaller iPad at the end of its fiscal fourth quarter, as is rumored today, would be one way to avoid repeating what happened in Q4 2011 and again in its Q3 earnings reported last week.

Report: Smaller iPad coming later this year

Apple is planning to introduce an iPad with a screen measuring “7 inches to 8 inches diagonally, less than the current 9.7-inch version,” according to Bloomberg. However, this version of the iPad won’t have a Retina display, according to one of the sources.

A little hint about a smaller iPad

A new account says Apple is testing a 7.85-inch iPad. It’ natural for Apple’s labs to be filled with prototypes of all sorts of possible new and variations on existing products. But does it mean a smaller iPad is coming soon? Not necessarily.

Even Apple thinks it’s time for an iPad mini

Apple is testing smaller screens for a new mini iPad model, according to The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. It’s about time a smaller iPad arrived for a number a reasons. And the idea that iOS won’t work on a 7- or 7.85-inch touchscreen is flawed.

New 7.85-inch iPad mini reportedly coming in 2012

Rumors regarding Apple’s plans for a new, smaller tablet got resurfaced on Friday, thanks to new reports from the component supply chain via DigiTimes. The site says that Apple will likely introduce a 7.85-inch iPad before the fourth quarter of 2012