Apple teases Black Friday; where to look for better deals

Apple posted a teaser on Tuesday that’s heavy on the tease and light on the info, telling shoppers only that Apple will indeed hold a “one-day shopping event.” But Apple isn’t the only place to look for deals on Apple products this Friday.

U.K. survey finds many iPads getting limited use

An interesting new survey out of the U.K. finds that a significant number of iPads may not be getting as much use as you might expect. How often do you use your iPad? According to the new survey, it’s possible more than a quarter of you answered once a week or less.

Dutch Senate goes digital thanks to iPads

The Dutch Senate is going paperless, and the iPad is going to get them there. A new program to replace most of the governing body’s paper documents with a digital app is progressing smoothly and saving money in the Netherlands, two weeks into launch.

How far can consumerization go for enterprise apps?

During VMworld this week, VMware introduced a new Dropbox-like application called Project Octopus that will let users safely store, access and share corporate documents. It all so sounded so promising, and then someone asked me whether it will actually get used.

The biggest market you’ve never heard of

As millions of consumers gained access to the Internet, new market opportunities emerged. But today, content is so heavy, and networks so overburdened, that more efficient use of the network is a critical behavior. This provides a new market opportunity for content optimization and CDNs.