How much energy does it take to power those iPads?

The growing number of devices in our daily lives means that we are consuming more and more electricity. This is something that worries lots of people, including me. A new study from a Palo Alto-based not-for-profit group takes a look at thte iPad’s energy consumption habits.

Android still 1st choice among virgin smartphone buyers

The iPhone may have passed over Android in total U.S. smartphone sales, but Google’s platform still has one key advantage: it’s attracting more mobile data newbies. According to the NPD Group, 57 percent of first-time smartphone buyers last quarter chose Android handsets.

Chinese iPhone 4S launch the one to watch as lines grow

Apple is in for another huge iPhone 4S launch, if early lineups are any indication. Lines outside Apple’s five official retail stores in China have already extended into the hundreds ahead of Friday’s launch, which is good news for Apple’s next-quarter results.

Apple’s iPhone tops UK holiday smartphone shopping

Apple’s iPhone 4S is on a roll this holiday in the UK, where it accounted for almost a quarter of all smartphone sales during the four weeks leading up to Dec. 9. Even older iPhone devices, like the 3GS, outperformed newer devices like Nokia’s Lumia line.

Batteries are burning: Recall covers two brands of iOS battery cases

There’s trouble in extra power land: Two types of iOS device battery cases are being recalled for overheating issues. One, for the iPod touch, could burn, and the other, for iPhone 3G and 3GS, could catch fire. From bargain brands to market leaders, no one’s safe.

Apple looking into iPhone 4S battery issues. Is yours affected?

The iPhone 4S may have its first significant early life issue, according to many users, and even possibly Apple itself. Many users are reporting seeing very poor battery life with iPhone 4S devices, and now Apple seems to be investigating the problem.

The iPhone 4S upgrade decision: 4 things to consider

So the iPhone 4S is real and arriving Friday, Oct. 14, with pre-orders beginning this Friday, Oct. 7. That doesn’t give you much time to figure out whether or not to upgrade, if you want to be an early adopter. We’re here to help.

Supply chain sources point to high holiday expectations for iPhone 5

Apple is increasing its iPhone orders for the second half of 2011, according to sources within the company’s supply chain. Order volume has been adjusted upward by 15 percent to more than 56 million this year, including around 26 million next-generation iPhones through year-end.

iPhone resellers wait (not so patiently) for iPhone 5

iPhones are hot commodities for buy back services like Gazelle and eBay Instant Sale. That becomes even more true when Apple launches a new model of its smartphone, prompting owners of older devices looking to upgrade to seek a quick sale.