How to make your iPhone faster

Just like a computer, your iPhone can slow down over time. Here are some tips to help get it running as good as new.

Verizon calls on President to veto coming iPhone ban

If a ban set for Aug. 5 takes effect, Apple and partners won’t be able to import iPhone 4’s or iPad 2’s. A lawyer for Verizon — who is not affected by the dispute — says President Obama should use his power and step in.

After iPhone 5, iOS makes gains at AT&T and Verizon

Some of Apple’s gain appears to be RIM’s loss as Blackberry sales dropped off at both carriers. The remaining pickup by Apple may have come from new customers, or from upgrades from Android devices, which lost share year over year between mid-October and late November.

iPhone owners can’t sue Apple over broken glass, court rules

The glass screens of the iPhone 4 reportedly shatter at a rate 82% higher than earlier versions of the phone. This led consumers to bring a lawsuit claiming that Apple ads boasting about the glass were deceptive. The consumers are for now out of luck.

The Apple Roundup: Has Apple already made its point in court?

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: The point Apple is trying to make by suing Samsung, the Apple dividend, waning Mac battery life after Mountain Lion, and what it’s like on the Jobsset.