Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, FaceTime Sex Chat, Canoe Ventures

Today on the Net: The FCC stops the shot clock in its review of the Comcast-NBCU deal, enterprising businesses are looking to offer FaceTime sex chat services on the iPhone 4 and Canoe Ventures is launching its first interactive ads with Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

iPhone 4: Big Lines & Short Supply

Across the globe, iPhone 4 eyewitnesses are all seeing the same thing: lines around the block and few, if any, devices for those without reservations. Supplies of the iPhone 4 are dwindling, many stores expect to be sold out by the end of the day.

Poll: Does Your iPhone 4 Have Reception Issues?

Some iPhone 4 handsets appear to be suffering from signal degradation — but only when held in the left hand. Could Apple’s new stainless steel frame that doubles as an antenna be the culprit? Take our poll and let us know if you’ve seen this issue.

Open Thread: What Do You Think of the New iPhone 4?

Apple’s hotly-anticipated new smartphone, the iPhone 4, went on sale today. While there were long lines at many retail outlets as people clamored to get their hand on the new phone, there have also been reports of reception problems caused by the design of the device.

iPhone 4 Launch Day Sees Big Lines Everywhere

Many cities in the U.S. saw an unusual heavy traffic spike in the wee hours of the morning today. It is iPhone launch day, and hundreds of thousands of iPhone 4 owners-to-be headed to the Apple store to lay claim on the new smartphone.

5 Ways iPhone 4 Will Influence Future Smartphones

Apple’s iPhone 4 officially launches today as both pre-order customers and those hoping to walk up and grab the new device are lined up around the country. Just like the original Apple iPhone, this model is sure to influence the features on future smartphones from competitors.

iPhone 4 Pre-order Stoppages Won’t Hurt Sales

Demand for Apple’s iPhone 4 continues to outpace supply globally as carriers stop taking pre-orders and limit which customers can actually get their hands on the new phone. But supply issues will only cause a minor blip in sales, which will break records for Apple.