Has Your iPhone 4 Order Been Canceled?

Several online sites have been reporting that both AT&T (s att) as well as Apple (s aapl) have been canceling both online and in-store orders for both valid and non-sensical reasons.

Does Apple Have a “Too Much of a Good Thing” Problem?

An analyst report says that IPS LCD screen shortages (because of low yield) will impact the production volumes for iPhone 4, which in turn could upset the Apple’s mobile juggernaut. The big question is: Does Apple have a “too much of a good thing” problem?

Apple Sells Out iPhone 4 Pre-order Units, Despite Hiccups

Likely you watched with a mix of horror and admiration as Apple’s iPhone 4 pre-order kicked off yesterday, nearly bringing down the Internet thanks to the ravenous hunger of the Cupertino faithful. Despite the hiccups, the iPhone already sold out.

iPhone 4 Pre-orders Hit Snag

Well our day to preorder the iPhone 4 has come. However, for the majority of people, the process has ended prematurely as the AT&T verification service bombs out. This has been frustrating (to say the least) to many potential, and renewing customers.

Is the Web in the Way of Your iPhone 4 Pre-Order?

Apple iPhone 4 pre-orders begin today, but just like the last three years running, the experience is negative for many. AT&T is struggling to handle the demand, causing a Twitter backlash as customers commiserate with their social networking friends. How is the pre-order process for you?

Pre-order iPhone 4 Tomorrow

Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest iPhone? Or are you looking to score a $99 iPhone 3GS? AT&T (s att) and Apple (s aapl) have teamed up with Best Buy, Walmart, and even RadioShack to make it all happen just for you…tomorrow.

Video: What App Developers Think of the New iPhone

After the iPhone 4 presentation at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco today, I hit the town to talk to app developers in the event center about their perceptions of Steve Jobs’ latest and greatest device. Here’s a video to give you a flavor of the scene.

iPhone 4 Vid Picks: Demos, Ads and Spoofs

Video to come out of yesterday’s World Wide Developer’s Conference had a major focus on the iPhone 4’s new features. The resulting videos include a concise look at the device’s new features, as well as manipulative advertising promising the end of absentee parenting.