Why nTelos gets the iPhone but T-Mobile must wait

Apple has a new U.S. carrier partner for the iPhone, and once again, it’s not T-Mobile. Instead it’s nTelos, a carrier with only 400,000 customers. Apple isn’t snubbing T-Mobile here. It’s merely following the path of least resistance.

Unruly crowds force Apple to halt iPhone sales in China stores

On the day Apple was set to sell the iPhone 4S for the first time in China, huge crowds gathered outside the Shanghai and Beijing stores. At the Beijing store, crowds became so unruly Apple had to close the store and SWAT teams were called in.

Chinese iPhone 4S launch the one to watch as lines grow

Apple is in for another huge iPhone 4S launch, if early lineups are any indication. Lines outside Apple’s five official retail stores in China have already extended into the hundreds ahead of Friday’s launch, which is good news for Apple’s next-quarter results.

Deal alert: Best Buy’s iPhone 4 BOGO deal returns

Best Buy has a good deal on iPhones this weekend: It is offering buy-one-get-one-free pricing on the 32 GB iPhone 4, on either Sprint or AT&T with new 2-year contracts. Basically, it means you get a 32 GB iPhone 4 for the price of the 8 GB version.

This could be the iPhone’s best quarter ever

Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted Apple would sell more iPhones than ever this quarter, but it may not have been a risky call: A new UBS report says Apple is on track to sell 30 million iPhones this quarter, leapfrogging a previous record.

French court says no to iPhone 4S ban

Apple will be able to continue selling the iPhone 4S in France unimpeded, according to a court decision on Thursday. The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris has denied a request by Samsung to secure a preliminary injunction against the sale of the 4S.

Siri plays a big part in iPhone 4S owner satisfaction

How much do you love your iPhone 4S? Chances are the answer is “a lot.” New ChangeWave research data shows owner satisfaction with the iPhone 4S is much higher than that of the iPhone 4, with 96 percent approval ratings and only 2 percent reporting dissatisfaction.

Smartphone sales rise as average cost drops to $135

Smartphone adoption in the U.S. continues to rise as the average cost of devices is down. According to the NPD Group, the average up-front cost is $135. Of consumers planning to spend between $200 and $250, 64 percent spend less because of cheaper but capable devices.