popSLATE case adds e-ink screen to the back of iPhone 5

Looking to add a second screen experience to a single device? Check out popSLATE, a new iPhone 5 case with a 4-inch e-ink display on the back. The Indiegogo project is looking for $150,000 in funding and pledges start at $79 for the innovative case.

AudioGlove makes iPhones 20 percent louder, no tech involved

Is your iPhone speaker not loud enough for music or calls? A Kickstarter project for AudioGloves uses accoustics, not digital technology to solve the problem by boosting sound up to 20 percent. According to a Dolby Labratory test, it works as advertised for richer, louder sounds.

Kickstarter for iOS: Seven great product ideas

You may have already heard of The Elevation Dock for the iPhone or the LunaTik Watchband for the iPod nano or even the Pebble E-Paper Watch, but here are seven equally great product concepts for iOS products that you may also be interested in supporting.