Analyst: China could bring 57M iPhone bump by 2013

Apple’s iPhone was a hot seller in the company’s first fiscal quarter of 2012, but that’s nothing compared to what one analyst predicts we could see in just a couple of years’ time. Morgan Stanley thinks Apple’s efforts in China could pay big dividends by 2013.

Macworld | iWorld 2012 highlights for developers

While the target audience for Macworld | iWorld is your typical consumer, there are a few vendors in attendance that are focused on reaching developers. If you’re a developer yourself, or work with developers, you might want to stop by the following vendors during the show.

Meet Sony’s new CMOS image sensor, good candidate for future iPhones

Sony Corporation unveiled its next-generation back-illuminated CMOS digital image sensor on Monday, which boasts a stacked design that saves space, lowers power requirements and increases quality, all of which adds up to a veritable mating call for Sony component customer Apple.

Where to invest your development dollars on the App Store

Apple has a lot of App Stores in play right now, so it might be tough for developers to decide which to focus on at first. Some new info shared by 2D Boy, developer of World of Goo, might help make that decision a bit easier.

Magisto: An iOS app that makes home videos cool

Although devices that shoot high-definition video are cheaper and more ubiquitous than ever, amateur videos themselves have not gotten any better to watch. That’s where a new iPhone app called Magisto comes in: It turns any simple iPhone video into a fully edited movie in minutes.

A new gorgeous iPhone concept we wish was from Apple

Apple makes beautiful things, but sometimes Apple fans can make them even more beautiful. This new iPhone SJ concept from ADR Studios in Italy (the same folks who created that iCam mock-up) is a perfect example. Take a look and feel sad it isn’t real.

Apple launching iPhone 4S in China, 21 other countries on Jan. 13

Apple will begin selling the iPhone 4S in China on Friday, Jan. 13, according to a press release from the company issued on Wednesday morning. In addition to finally arriving in Apple’s “fastest-growing region by far,” the iPhone 4S will also hit 21 other new countries.

This Christmas, Instagram gets millions of photos & more users

A sharp uptick in the sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S along with the status of “top app of 2011” has turned this to be a year to remember for San Francisco-based startup, Instagram. The company saw a spike in new users and photo-sharing activity.

Apple’s App Store tops 5M free downloads per day in November

Apple’s App Store is doing well thanks to the successful launch of the iPhone 4S. For the second month in a row, it posted record downloads among the top 200 free apps, with around 5.6 million per day, according to mobile app marketing firm Fiksu.

iPad Makes its Market Share Mark: Report

Web metrics firm Net Applications report for April reinforces the growing perception that Apple holds its future in its hands, as opposed to it being on the desk or the lap.