Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Arriving January 19

appleinsider_tabletThe mythical beast that is the Apple (s aapl) tablet is becoming less of an amorphous wonder device, and more of a properly spec’d piece of hardware, at least if you believe iLounge. The site is claiming to know at least 10 definite things about the upcoming device, including its street date.

iLounge’s source is said to be reliable, based on past information they provided that turned out to be accurate, detailing the iPod nano 5G, the iPhone 3GS, and the Chinese iPhone 3G. Not a bad track record. For that reason alone, don’t be too quick to judge some of the more incongruous parts of this report. Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple Tablet Arriving January 19

iPhone OS 3.1 Beta Available for Developers


Following closely on the official release of iPhone OS 3.0, Apple (s aapl) has seeded a developer build of version 3.1, build 7C97D, along with the SDK.

The point release appears to be more than bug fixes, too. A number of sites, including Gizmodo, are reporting features like:

  • Faster boot time
  • Bluetooth voice control
  • Access to video editing through APIs for third-party developers
  • Non-destructive editing of video by allowing saving of copies
  • Fraud Protection, or phishing warnings, as an option in preferences for Safari

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Initial Thoughts on iPhone OS 3.0


The blogosphere will be “all OS 3.0, all the time” for a while. I wanted to wait a little bit and see some reaction to the update.

Predictably, Paul Thurrott didn’t approve. He cherry-picked a few things and claimed they should have been there from the start. He conveniently ignored the new APIs and other enhancements, and then just griped about there being no hardware announcements. At a software event. The man gets less relevant about Apple every day.
To me, the biggest surprise came from another GigaOM network site, jkOnTheRun. An article there noted that 40 percent of the readers polled were “underwhelmed” with the update. A few even said the announcement “pushed” them to the Palm Pre.
What announcement did they watch? Seriously, there were some things introduced that, had Palm announced them today, I’m sure would have been proclaimed as incredible, stupendous, colossal, way ahead of the iPhone, etc.
What I liked best about the announcement was that it was typically Apple (s aapl). Sure, it included some “obvious” features, but it also included things no one had thought of or discussed. Read More about Initial Thoughts on iPhone OS 3.0

An Important Thing About iPhone OS 3.0: It’s Not About the Pre


There’s a story going around that some of what Apple (s aapl) may announce today for the iPhone 3.0 OS will be to counter Palm’s Pre. Kevin Rose mentioned this, and it’s covered in a few places, including right here.

Personally, I think such discussion is Pre-mature.

The Pre was announced little more than two months ago, and it’s unproven. There’s no way Apple would interrupt ongoing development to push new functionality to counter this device. No. Way. Read More about An Important Thing About iPhone OS 3.0: It’s Not About the Pre