A beginner’s guide to international tax worries

As I noted in my post about the amnesty offered by the IRS for those with hidden overseas assets, the flexibility of web work can encourage cross-border collaborations and contracts and allow location-independent workers to live abroad for a period of time. Taxes, predictably, get complicated.

Web Workers Abroad: Now’s the Time to Disclose Tax Naughtiness

For plugged-in workers, the web offers the ability to work from anywhere – including other countries. For web workers who’ve worked while abroad and maybe weren’t entirely honest with Uncle Sam about the money they made there, the IRS is currently offering an amnesty.

Ready, Set, Apply: Clean Power Equipment Manufacturers Tax Credits Now Available

It’s official: Long-awaited clean-energy manufacturing tax credits are really happening, finally. The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of Energy on Thursday announced a program awarding $2.3 billion in tax credits for clean-energy equipment manufacturers.
While there are already some tax credits for renewable-energy generation projects, these new credits are focused on the manufacturing equipment that will be used to make gear for such projects and are intended to make the U.S. a manufacturing hub for clean power equipment. That could mean more jobs — always a good thing in the face of hundreds of thousands of layoffs per month, and an unemployment rate near 9.4 percent. That is, as long as these manufacturers also prove sustainable after the credits.
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Dealing with Taxes on Your Own

Not understanding bookkeeping, taxes and other administrative tasks can be very off-putting for people looking to start their own businesses. But in reality, they’re not that hard to do if you’re organized and get a little professional help.

Now, I’m not a CPA and the closest I’ve come to taking accounting is being a professor’s assistant in an online graduate program course. However, I must do something right as I’ve been on my own for over four years and my business tax payments remain on target. So here I’m going to share what I do, as it might work for you or give you ideas on how you can keep on top of your business finances.