Reinventing the internet: How do we build a better network?

In this part of our special report on reinventing the internet, a look at how its growth of the internet, in terms of connected devices, content and its importance, has researchers and analysts searching for new business models and technical ways to improve the network.

Popular cable smart home platform iControl opens up

The company behind many popular cable home automation systems is opening up to outside devices and developers. For now, a limited number of devices work with iControl’s OpenHome Partner Program, but it’s a start.

Boingo supports the troops with IPTV, winning contracts to connect U.S. military bases

Boingo’s(s wifi) acquisition of military base ISP Endeka appears to paying dividends. Boingo revealed this week that it has won contracts with the U.S. Marines Corps, Army and Air Force to install IPTV and broadband access networks on their posts and bases in the U.S. and some overseas installations, using a combination of fiber and point-to-point wireless technology. Soldiers and officers who subscribe to the on-base services will also get free access to Boingo’s global Wi-Fi hotspot network.

Inflight texting and calling arrives with new Gogo app

Gogo will release an app next year that will route phone calls and texts over its inflight Wi-Fi networks, even when planes are above clouds. Calls on domestic flights, however, will probably still be prohibited.