Fiber and caps are the future: A view from a small ISP

Much of the discussion about ISPs centers around the nation’s largest players in the telecommunications and cable fields, but there are a number of smaller ISPs that can also share how competition is faring in the U.S. and what might happen if more flourished.

Inside Akamai and the scary future of streaming video

When we watch YouTube or stream TV through a Boxee, the assumption is that aside from some buffering, the experience will be fine. But add live content and interactive elements to those video streams, and it gets complicated. A new paper shows us how complicated.

Why Time Warner Cable is buying Insight for $3B

Time Warner Cable plans to buy Insight Communications, the nation’s ninth-largest cable company, in a deal worth $3 billion as the industry realizes it needs to streamline. The deal offers TWC greater scale as well as about $100 million in annual cost efficiencies.

The five levels of ISP evil

Recent allegations of ISPs hijacking search traffic are just the tip of the iceberg. Dane Jasper, CEO of ISP offers his “quick guide to the five levels of ISP evil” and explains just how low some ISPs will go.

If you can’t trust your ISP, who can you trust?

ISPs have been exposed as hijacking the search traffic that some of their customers have tried to type into Yahoo and Bing search engines, and now the backlash begins. Now companies involved in the scheme has been hit with a lawsuit and may face Congress.

Apparently, small ISPs and rural telcos love Google Apps

Google Apps might not have many takers amongst the big boys of business, but the company is finding success with small and rural telecoms and Internet service providers, which, in turn, are offering Google Apps to their customers.

Oh no he didn’t: AT&T’s CEO calls DSL obsolete

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson spoke Tuesday at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners summer meeting in Los Angeles, where he called DSL “obsolete.” Since AT&T still provides and profits from DSL, this is a surprising admission.

Would you like home surveillance with your broadband?

Comcast unveiled a home security product in six markets on Wednesday in what I expect will become a larger effort for Comcast as well as other Internet Service Providers that want to avoid becoming just a broadband delivery pipe.

With iCloud, Apple puts the pressure on ISPs

Appleā€™s iCloud product poses a threat and an opportunity for ISPs. The product — which will deliver music and photo content on demand — is an acknowledgement that people are ready to stream content rather than store it on local hard drives. This has huge repercussions for ISPs.

What Happens When the Cloud Meets a Bandwidth Cap

The cloud is a wonderful thing, allowing us to backup files to remote servers for just pennies a month. But what happens when something goes awry and your backups start sucking up huge amounts of bandwidth? It’s not pretty, especially when you have a usage cap.