How Bandwidth Caps Force Us All to Become Network Cops

Bandwidth caps seem like not a bad idea, until you find yourself struggling to figure out how your home network suddenly started downloading hundreds of gigabytes of data in a matter of days, and you have blown through your monthly limit in less than a week.

Go Go, Verizon! Carrier and NEC Tests a Terabit Backbone

Verizon refuses to stop in its quest to support the future of our connected society, with the nation’s largest ISP testing terabit backbone speeds with NEC out in the field. At terabit speeds, performing high performance computing and big data analytics in real time become possible.

For Broadband Carriers, Startup Ushers in a Cloud-y Future

It is hard being a broadband provider: Not only are new web services putting extra stress on the network infrastructure but there is plenty of pressure on revenues. Against that backdrop, ISPs eed to make better use of their network infrastructure, and ConteXtream wants to help.

Who is the World’s Biggest Broadband Company? Find Out

We are inching toward half a billion broadband subscribers worldwide, thanks to booming demand for fast connections. Find out the top 10 service providers in the world. Which is the largest? The fastest? What are the top five US broadband service providers?

ISPs Find a Legislator to Stymie FCC Broadband Regs

A Florida congressman has introduced a bill aimed to preventing the FCC from reclassifying broadband and imposing net neutrality unless it can find examples of systemic market failure. The bill, called the Internet Protection, Investment, and Innovation Act, reads like an ISP lobbyist wrote it.

Vid-Biz: Zillion TV, ESPN 360, Hammertime

Zillion TV to Offer Some Movies Day-and-Date with DVD for Free; unnamed studio willing to experiment by offering consumers the choice of watching a targeted ad. (TheWrap) Also in movie windowing news — DVD Releases Taking Longer; the theatrical-to-DVD window was 144 days in the first half of this year, compared with 125 days during the same period in 2008. (Video Business)

Small ISPs Looking to FCC for Help Against ESPN 360’s Model; the little guys say they are being squeezed by the sports network, which is urging consumers to switch to larger ISPs that carry ESPN 360. (DSL Reports)

Hammertime Goes Viral in No Time; Hammer Pants Dance flash mob vid is a promotion for A&E’s new MC Hammer reality show, has already generated 900,000+ views in less than a week. (AdWeek)

Man Indicted After Alleged Rape Streamed Live; he was charged with two counts of sexual assault and one charge of voyeurism stemming from an incident earlier this year when he live streamed his actions. (CNET)

Chinese Audiences Don’t Mind Branded Entertainment; limited TV selection in that country provides an opportunity (and eyeballs) for brands to create web shows centered around their products. (The Wall Street Journal)

White House Vids Aren’t Watching You Back; vids posted on the administration’s page will be exempt from YouTube tracking; even the EFF likes it! (All Things D)

Reveille Partners with; shorts created for (previous coverage) that gain traction will be developed by Reveille for possible TV deals. (Variety)

Comcast to Create P2P Bill of Rights

[qi:_newteevee] Comcast said today it plans to create a “P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” in cooperation with P2P companies and other ISPs. The bill is supposed to be a catalog of best-practice recommendations for P2P companies and ISPs alike, but the announcement was more than vague about what those recommendations might look like. NewTeeVee has the full story.