The hardest part about Google Fiber isn’t digging ditches, but buying TV rights

You thought that building out all that physical infrastructure is what has been slowing down Google Fiber’s expansion? Think again: Google Fiber head Milo Medin has called TV rights the “the single biggest impediment” to growing Fiber, according to the Wall Street Journal, which also quotes Medin saying that TV has been “the single biggest piece of our cost structure.” The problem is that Google, in order to win over cable customers, has to offer the same channels as the competition. But as a newcomer, it has to pay up to twice as much for some of the rights. No wonder internet TV ventures like the ones from Sony and Dish are struggling to keep costs under control.

Google reportedly plans to target businesses with Wi-Fi

Google’s wireless ambitions may be taking a very business-like turn. According to The Information, Google plans to start selling cheap high-performance Wi-Fi gear to small businesses to help it build a giant wireless network.

High-performance Wi-Fi gear maker Mimosa raises $20M from NEA

Mimosa Networks has closed a $20 million Series C round led by previous investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with participation from Oak Investment Partners. The company builds Wi-Fi equipment, but not any old wireless router you’d find at home or in a coffee shop. Instead Mimosa is building high-performance gigabit Wi-Fi systems for carriers and ISPs, making it a competitor to Ruckus Wireless(s rkus). The company has now raised $38 million in three rounds.