Pond5: A One-Stop Shop for Video — and Now Photos, Too

Pond5 is drastically expanding the number of assets in its library with 5 million new photos for creators to choose from. That now makes Pond5 a one-stop shop for all the media one might need — including video, music, sound effects and after effects.

Alltel handsets get City ID for $1.99 monthly

Logo_alltelOne of my favorite iPhone features is the ability to see what city a caller is from, even if the Caller ID can’t resolve the actual callers phone number. I don’t know if this feature is specific to the iPhone or if it works on all AT&T handsets. In any case, it is now available on LG, Samsung and Motorola handsets for the Alltel Wireless network. Their press release (not on their site at time of writing) indicates that they’re the “first carrier to offer the enhanced Caller ID feature”, but my iPhone begs to differ. Maybe they mean they’re the first to charge extra for it: it’s a free 15-day trial and then costs $1.99 a month after that. As much I like it, I don’t think I’d pay for it if I had to.In fairness, I suspect there’s a slight difference in the Alltel implementation. On my iPhone, I can only see the City ID information in the recent call list, meaning I can’t see where the call originated while receiving the call. From the sound of the e-mail I received from Alltel, you should be able to see the city and state of the caller as the call comes in.

Quickly Find Stock Photography Thanks to iStockPhoto

When trying to create a professional and solid piece of business communications, whether it be a document, PowerPoint presentation, or otherwise; a common complaint is finding attractive and pertinent artwork.

iStockPhoto has a resource available for people who are seeking low-resolution images and illustrations through Microsoft’s Office Online service.  There are many images already for use, and iStock photo is adding to the free library available.

If you are looking for more high-resolution photos, they are available for a nominal fee directly from iStockPhoto.  To check out the free library of photos available, head over to Office Online and start browsing.

How do you spice up your presentations and documents?  We look forward to tips in the comments section.

Don’t make ma mad …ever!

All of us know what happens when you push “mom” to the very edge. A smackdown is in the order, and not to mention the guilt tripping. Anyway this is true in life and now in telecom. The original “Ma Bell” which is AT&T is pretty hopping mad at “AT&T Wireless” for its lousy service. Ma says they ruining its good name. I agree – after all that is all that’s left at AT&T now. Jon over at MobileTracker notes that the slow service violates AT&T Wireless deal and may have violated its brand licensing contract with AT&Taccording to an SEC filing made by AT&T. The filing claims that AT&T Wireless takes too long responding to customer service inquiries.