Apple’s iPhone dilemma: Should it make a “Chinese special”?

IHS iSuppli points out that Apple is missing a big iPhone opportunity by not supporting China’s unique flavor of 3G. That’s true, but it’s not so simple for Apple to add a new radio technology to the device. It would need to build a Chinese variant.

Is the honeymoon over for Facebook gaming?

By the end of 2010, about 50 percent of all Facebook monthly active users were gamers. But that fell to about 25 percent in 2011, as Facebook aggressively added new users. The result is that game makers need to work harder to find and retain users.

iPhone 4S costs an estimated $196 to make

Like clockwork, IHS iSuppli mercilessly tears down new iPhone models and exposes their inner works, looking to devine the secret of their manufacturing and components costs. On Thursday, the firm released its analysis of the latest and greatest, the iPhone 4S.

Under the Roman Sun: SunPower Builds 85MW In Italy

Italy, land of pasta and Roman ruins, has also become a booming solar market. SunPower, which previously bought an Italian project developer SunRay to tackle the country, announced Monday it completed 85 MW of projects in Italy in 2010.

Internet TV More Popular Than 3-D TV

Still don’t have a 3-D TV? Don’t feel bad: 3-D TV sets aren’t actually the big consumer electronics trend of the year, according to a new report from iSuppli. That title goes to Internet-enabled TV sets, with worldwide shipments reaching 27.7 million units this year.