Autonomics are the future of IT

IT has entered a state of bloated chaos. In a recent study, 78 percent of IT executives said their management system had become so unwieldy, they couldn’t pinpoint where the transactions slowed down. According to IPsoft’s Chetan Dube, autonomics are the solution.

How to successfully manage the consumerization of IT

Yes, it’s possible for IT departments to manage the consumerization of IT without stopping it. Huddle’s Andy McLoughlin offers a simple approach that allows corporate IT departments the flexibility to give employees choices about mobile devices and the control to ensure that networks are safe.

DevOps eliminates knee-jerk no’s at the IT level

Cloud computing technologies have helped remove many of the intrinsic barriers programmers used to encounter when developing, deploying and scaling software applications. Now, the biggest hurdles developers often face are human: their own corporate IT teams. That’s the problem DevOps aims to solve.