Today in Cleantech

Really, Steve?  Like many, I was prepared for Steve Ballmer to deliver a solid competitor to e-book readers and beat Apple’s rumored tablet to the punch the form of the sexy Courier concept. Instead, we got a Windows 7-powered, iPhone-esque tablet, that while inoffensive, looks as awkward making an appearance at CES as Ballmer’s way of holding the device. Chalk this one up to an opportunity missed.

10 Features That Would Make iPad a Hit

Apple’s mythical tablet may soon arrive, but there’s still time to indulge in last-minute conjecture on what we can expect from Cupertino. So let’s try a thought experiment: a rundown of the ten things that would guarantee that Apple’s tablet is an enduring success.

Monday Video: The Fake iTablet

French web site NoWhereElse points to this video of what looks like a much-rumored Mac Tablet. This “device” isn’t the real thing, but it sure is pretty. Enjoy! (Video below the fold.)

Predicting 2010: Mac Lineup

January 2010 will mark the four-year anniversary of Apple’s (s aapl) first Intel-based (s intc) Mac, the MacBook Pro. With Snow Leopard officially dropping support for PowerPC Macs and the next version of iLife and iWork likely to do the same, a perfect storm is brewing where Apple can begin to really push OS X to maximize the potential of the Intel hardware it supports. 2010 looks to be a big year in terms of hardware updates from Apple; here’s our roundup of predictions on what’s to come.

MacBook Pro

Just like where it started four years ago with the first Intel Mac, the biggest and most exciting updates will happen to the MacBook Pro. The good news? With the classic MacBook seeing updates recently that peg its specs a little too close for comfort with its older brother, the new MacBook Pro update should arrive sooner rather than later. Read More about Predicting 2010: Mac Lineup