As innovation declines, ITU hopes to relieve mobile patent wars

After escalating for the past two years, there could be relief in sight for the ongoing mobile patent wars, as the International Telecommuncations Union is planning an October meeting in Geneva with handset makers, platform providers and standards boards. It’s about time.

Net neutrality could be a victim under an ITU Internet takeover

Network neutrality, the idea that ISPs can’t discriminate against traffic on its network, is an enshrined right in some areas and a hotly contested regulatory fight in others. But it may become moot if the ITU succeeds in take over the management of the Internet.

Is the UN the next big threat to Internet freedom?

An arm of the United Nations says that because the Internet is a global entity, it should be controlled and managed by the UN. But critics say turning over control to the agency could put the openness and freedom of the Internet in jeopardy.

Oxygen Founder’s New Global Bandwidth Exchange

The first time I heard about Neil Tagare was back in the go-go ’90s, when he was the man behind the international fiber network FLAG Telecom. FLAG went public in 2000, but by then Tagare was already onto his next big idea: building a $1.5 billion global network that would carry Internet traffic from most of the major nations over a giant fiber backbone.

It was called Project Oxygen, and it not only received a ton of media coverage but backing from the likes of Lucent Technologies and Bechtel. But it also suffered from vision overload, and as the broadband bubble burst, Tagare, like many big telecom industry names, faded from the scene. Still, we’ve kept in touch, occasionally exchanging emails and notes. Last week, he let me know about the launch of his new startup,, through which carriers around the globe are able to buy, sell and swap capacity.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Haven’t I heard of this before?” Indeed, even Enron tried to start a bandwidth platform. But is more akin to private exchanges or ECNs on the stock market, where membership is by invitation only. The way it works, as Tagare explains, is: Read More about Oxygen Founder’s New Global Bandwidth Exchange