Is Ping Apple’s Google Wave?

It’s been roughly a week since Ping’s release, and I’ve held my tongue until now. But I can hold it no longer: Ping isn’t the thing. It almost isn’t anything at all. Which brings to mind comparisons with another relatively useless web-based product: Google Wave.

Best Desktop iTunes Controller: iTunes

There are many Mac applications which will sit on your desktop and display cover art as well as give some controls such as play/pause, next, etc. But since the recent release of iTunes 10, one application does this better than any other, and that’s iTunes itself.

iTunes 10 Interface: Where Apple Went Wrong

Almost every year, Apple releases a new version of iTunes with some new feature. Last year it was Home Sharing. This year, it’s Ping. Apple also usually tweaks the UI, many times creating a backlash. This year Apple has outdone itself.

Quick Tip: Make iTunes 10 Window Controls Horizontal

iTunes 10 was released yesterday and brought with it a few UI overhauls. There currently isn’t a way to bring back the colored icons in the sidebar, but there sure is a way to get the window controls back to their former positions.