Hey devs, Amazon apps can make almost as much as iOS apps

It’s obvious by now that iOS and Android are the top dogs in mobile, so the battle is on for the third platform player. Windows Phone is looking better to be No. 3 to my eyes, but mobile analytics firm Flurry suggests a different player: Amazon.

Android development speeds up: Market tops 400,000 apps

Android Market has topped the 400,000 app mark, doubling the software available for the smartphone platform in just eight months, according to app analytics firm Distimo. Android Market is still shy of the 500,000-app milestone the App Store hit recently, but it’s catching up.

12 things in tech that won’t change in 2012

Everyone likes to share their predictions for what the future will bring in technology as a new year dawns. But some things seem to manage to stay the same, despite anticipation to the contrary. Here’s where I think the boat won’t rock in 2012.

The Outsider: Why this top Apple analyst is different

Asymco.com blogger Horace Dediu has come from no where and become one of the most followed Apple analyst. His accurate track record and his ability to sift through mounds of publicly available data has made him many fans, especially amongst those who follow the phone business.

Sorry digital music, mobile apps are the new star

The mobile app economy is growing faster than earlier predictions, now expected to account for 98 billion downloads by 2015. Consumers want their smartphones to have numerous functions and apps, which drive downloads. Meanwhile, music services could be slowing digital music sales. Developers should take note.

Phanfare Taps the Cloud to Print Photos via the iPhone

phanfarePhanfare, a subscription-based video and photo archival service, has paired up with Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) to offer an updated version of its Photon application for the iPhone (s appl) and iPod touch, and it’s available starting today for free in the iTunes App store. The new version of Photon lets you print photos from your Phanfare acccount on most networked HP inkjet printers. This new capability makes the iPhone a more powerful device because it acts as a gateway to the photos Photofare stores in the cloud, enabling the handset to achieve nearly the same efficiency as a PC. Read More about Phanfare Taps the Cloud to Print Photos via the iPhone

reMail Brings Offline Email Searching to the iPhone

reMail StatusApple (s aapl) has done a decent job with email on the iPhone, but now there’s a better way to deal with the thousands of messages some of us receive. reMail, a new app for the iPhone, launched today, and it offers email capabilities that rival desktop equivalents.
reMail downloads and stores all your email on the iPhone, eliminating the need for interacting with a server. This means you can search your email at lightning speed, even without a network connection. Business travelers take note: You can now do full-text searches of your thousands of emails, even while sitting on a plane at 35,000 feet. No Wi-Fi needed. Read More about reMail Brings Offline Email Searching to the iPhone