iTunes Match re-match: Have things gotten any better?

The original version of iTunes Match was a huge hassle when it came to uploading and matching my iTunes library to Apple’s iTunes in the cloud. I tried again this year to see what, if anything, about the experience had improved.

Apple delivers much-needed clarity regarding iTunes Match

Apple’s iTunes Match is a great, but potentially hard-to-grasp service, and many people have questions. That’s why it’s welcome that Apple introduced an instructional page detailing exactly what iTunes Match provides and how it works over the holiday weekend.

ITunes Match international rollout premature; refunds being issued

If it seemed on late Wednesday like Apple’s rollout of iTunes Match to basically every international iTunes market was too good to be true, that’s because it was. Apple is telling customers on Thursday that beyond Brazil and the U.S., Match “will not function.”

iTunes Match rolling out internationally (and maybe accidentally)

Apple is apparently in the process of setting up iTunes Match for international customers. According to reports, users can now access the iTunes Match sign-up page from this direct link. As of this writing, it was working here in Canada, where Match costs $27.99 annually.

This is how you should buy music online

With Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player and iCloud, there has never been an easier — or more confusing — time to buy music. Avowed music geek Dan Kantor of exfm tells you everything you need to know about how (and where) you should buy your music online.

TuneUp could improve your iTunes Match experience

An app that just arrived on the Mac App Store on Thursday could help improve your initial iTunes Match experience, thanks to a host of features it includes for cleaning up your iTunes library. It’s called TuneUp, and it’ll scrub your messy collection clean.

Hands on with iTunes Match: Frustrating, but rewarding

Apple officially launched iTunes Match on Monday. I managed to sign up, and take the service for a test ride using a small iTunes library to see how it would handle iTunes purchases, ripped tracks and anything else I could think to throw at it.

iTunes Match: What are your first impressions?

On Monday, Apple made iTunes Match available to any U.S. iTunes account holder for $24.99 per year. On the surface, having your entire iTunes library stored in and accessible from the cloud is great, but getting from Match subscription to usable library isn’t exactly easy.

Apple launches iTunes Match in the U.S.

iTunes Match, the subscription service from Apple that scans your entire iTunes library and makes it available for download on any of your iOS or Mac devices, is now widely available. You can sign up by downloading iTunes 10.5.1, so long as you’re in the U.S.